Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards – Reviews

Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

Functional Wall Mounted Ironing Boards Buying Guide, Deals, Reviews and more for 2017.  Whether you are looking for a wall mounted ironing board in a cabinet or or an ironing board that folds down from the wall from a simple bracket we have searched the different options for you to find prices to meet every budget.

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Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

Best Wall Mounted Ironing Board



Pros and Cons of Wall Mounted Ironing Boards:

One of the greatest aspects of a wall mounted ironing board is the space saving feature.  No more will you have an ironing board hanging round in your way.  It will be easily tucked up in a cabinet and not clogging up a closet.

You can choose to mount it anywhere in the house, but most likely in your laundry room, bedroom or kitchen.  Because it is no longer portable, make sure you pick a good spot to mount it (so you can watch TV while ironing or watch the children, etc).

Because there is no legs at the tip of the board, many people feel that the board is flimsy and might break – not so.  These wall mounted ironing boards are sturdy and slightly shorter than a regular ironing board and can withstand the pressure of ironing.

Wall Mounted Ironing Board for Laundry Room

Key features that you will be looking for are:

  • Folding
  • Sturdy
  • Heavy Duty

Remember to install it near an outlet so that you can plug in your iron OR… you can install an ironing oulet with light, otherwise you will have to use an extension cord.

Wall Ironing Board With Mirror

Something to consider is if you want your cabinet to have a mirror on the outside.  No, not to watch yourself iron!  This is a great feature to have in your laundry room if this room is one of the main rooms that you use to leave the house (in our house we go through the laundry room to the garage to hop in the car).  The benefit is that you can check yourself out in the mirror first before heading out (hair is tidy, no spinach in the teeth, no dirty spots on the clothes, etc.)  We have one.  Very nice to have.

Wall Mount Ironing Center with Mirror CabinetWall Mount Ironing Center with Mirror CabinetCheck Price & ReviewsWall Mount Ironing Board Center Cabinet with MirrorWall Mount Ironing Board Center Cabinet with MirrorCheck Price & ReviewsBuilt-In Wall Mount Ironing StationBuilt-In Wall Mount Ironing StationCheck Price & Reviews

In Wall Ironing Board with Outlet and Light

You can add in an outlet and light into your ironing cabinet.  Only the high end brands come with this feature built in as you will need to have the wiring done to add in the electrical feature.

Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

ABOVE: IRON-A-WAY Deluxe Electric Ironing Center

The benefit is that you won’t need an extension cord for your iron, you can plug it in right where you are ironing and you have a mini spot light so that you can see while you work.  Once it is installed it will last for years.  You can read customer reviews here.

Wall Mounted Ironing Station with Swivel Ironing Board

Only a few brands offer the ability to swivel the ironing board from the base.  You have the Deluxe version from Iron A Way,  Home Place,

wall mounted ironing board and storage center


Top Rated Brands

Household Essentials – Stowaway Ironing Boards

Lifestyle Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards

The Lifestyle ironing boards are very sturdy and quite compact when you fold them up and put them away.

They offer a swivel base so that you can rotate to the angle you choose.

Full size ironing board.

Folds up.  Very compact.

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Southern Enterprises



Hafele America

Homeplace Group





spectrum diversified wall mount iron and ironing board holder


affordable wall mounted iron board

diy wall mount iron board

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Where to Buy the Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards



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